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A popular frame in the entry level mini quad scene has been the ZMR250. It is one of the original frame designs that has almost a cult following due to its great design and ease of setup and flying. Autobotix has put our own spin on this classic frame and reintroduced it as the ZeeMR (pronounced zee-mer).  Using the V2 integrated PDB allows for direct plugin connection of all the vital components allowing for one of the cleanest 250 builds out there. xt-30 and servo connectors for the ESC’s to the integrated PDB, flight controller plugs into the PDB as well. We wanted the cleanest 250 builds even with the fpv gear as we include 3d printed mounts for the camera and vtx as well as receiver keeping the esthetics clean throughout the whole build. We went with the trusted naze32 rev5 fc, quality ESC’s, emax or cobra motors (depending on kit), our in-house camera/fpv kit, receiver of choice and all the wire/connector/heatshrink/braided sleeve you will need to complete the build. This is a kit put together with the beginners in mind but will also satisfy the most hardcore of fpv hobbyists/racers. ZeeMR does require intermediate soldering and mechanical aptitude to assemble. This is not a kit if soldering skills may be a challenge.

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