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Tester – Li-Po Battery Voltage Tester / Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm


Another Old Standby product, this battery buzzer can be preset for different cutoff voltages and works with the new HV, Graphene and Kryptonite batteries

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THIS IS 2-1 BATTERY VOLTAGE CHECKER AND LOW VOLTAGE BUZZER. It will warn you when it is time to land your helicopterIt will Buzz with very loud BB noise when any of the cells of your battery is under 3.3V, the volume is loud enough to alert you to land your helicopter immediately to avoid accident.* Friendly reminder:The sound of the low voltage alarm is loud, so please be prepared when using it for the first time. You can turn it OFF when use indoors. Features 1S test mode test range 3.7 to 30V, which means you can test the battery pack without balance connectors like RX battery pack etc., LiPb or other power source voltage. This very little devise can be used as a simple digital voltage meter. Loudly buzzer can be heard from distance, you can put this device on your quad and use it as on-board alarm, so you can hear the low voltage alarm during flight. When the voltage is below the set value, it will buzz with red LED light, pre-set value 3.3V. Push key on the end of the unit to easily change the voltage settings and save. Specification Use for 1-8S Lipo/LiMn/Li-Fe Voltage detection precision: ̫ _0.03V Unit voltage display range 0.5-4.5V Total voltage display range: 0.5 – 36V 1S test mode voltage range: 3.7-30V Low voltage alarm mode for 2-8S Alarm set value range: OFF-2.7-3.8V Weight: 8.7g/ 0.31oz

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Weight 8 g
Dimensions 2 x 3 x 2 cm

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