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PDB – Power Distribution Board By Oso Grande Simple


We have been looking for a power distribution board for our MQK250 quad kits when we ran across the OSO Grande mini multcopter PDB. It fits nicely in most 250 H style frames and brings power right to the arms to eliminate the unsightly wiring nest that can easily occur.

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Most people that fly the mini _s use the ImmersionRC 5.8 video transmitters. With its filtered 5v output it _s easy enough to use the Pololu U3V12F12 12v step up to power all the usual suspects in board cameras that everyone prefers.

Some people seem to like using voltage alarms but more and more people are using OSD ‘s to monitor their voltage so I ‘ve not only included a place for the 12v step up but also the HK Super Simple OSD. This OSD can be modified to show RSSI values for those receivers that have an output for them. Usually 100% shows roughly 30-35v and 0% shows 1.5v or so. This is an available option as well. This board also has the capacity to directly mount a 12v Pololu step up for fpv use as well as Super Simple OSD ( both sold separately) FEATURES Plenty of pads to wire all your ESC’s and other items. Positive connections are on one side of the PDB ( Red ) , ground connections are on the other side ( black ). For those running 4s setups, its easy to use a 12v step down in place of the step up. As well as with a simple jumper, run everything straight from battery voltage. Simple PDB is designed to fit most mini quads. RC Groups Discussion Board link  Do NOT use metal hardware with this board, use nylon standoffs and bolts

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