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brOSD Stackable OSD for Naze32 REV5 controller


This BROSD style board is perfect stacking OSD solution for the Naze32 Rev5 controller.

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BROSD OSD Specification:

  1. onboard 5V and 12V switching power supplies.
    2. direct connections to Naze 32 REV 5 when stacked.
    3. cam and vtx 3pin headers with selectable 12v or 5v power from onboard regs.
    4. can power naze and anything else attached to naze, so you can disconnect the red power wire from all escs.
    5. onboard micro-USB plug for flashing/configuring your favourite OSD software. Anything that works on MinimOSD will also work on this.
    6. voltage dividers for both battery sources.
    7. series protection resistors for RSSI and current sensor connections. RSSI can be filtered from high- frequency PWM into an analogue signal by enabling the RSSI filter solderjumper.
    8.extremely bright, blinding LEDs.

Setup instuctions can be found on flying robot

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