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EMAX have now launched a new racing quad: EMAX Nighthawk 200 mini racer! EMAX Nighthawk 200 was designed for acrobatic FPV sessions. It supports 5 ۝ pros and 220x size motors, proving a strong power for racing. Camera can be mounted on a 20 degree (30 degree for optional) tilt providing better view for FPV racers. With a strong 3mm (4mm for optional) pure carbon fiber unibody main frame and low CG design, it is more durable, stable, and agile. Features: A unibody main frame board made of 4mm/3mm pure carbon fiber to ensure Ê durability. Equipped with motor protection mounts to reduce the damages on Ê motors when crash. Low battery cabin design to optimize the center of gravity. It makes 3D actions more responsive. 20 degree/30 degree uptilted camera mount better for FPV racing. Coordinated with EMAX top-level power system. Ê Specifications: All Carbon Fiber Wheelbase: 210mm Weight: 119.5g Ê

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