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Flip32 F3 AIO Flight Controller with OSD


The popular Flip32 in a new F3 version with aio (all in one) design, incorporating a built in osd.

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The popular Flip32 has updated there board with the new generation of processing hardware. The Stm32-f303 or F3 processor is the new standard for fpv racing controllers. Same great layout as the original flip with the advantage of faster processing speeds and better performance. Runs the regular cleanflight fw abnd can be flashed with betaflight or raceflight fw’s. Upgrade your multirotor today with this perfect addition to your machine.

3 UART’s  Total
RSSI port
F3 processor
Tx/Rx on S-Bus port (UART3)
Normal header pins
Built-in inverter for SBUS
Voltage (VBAT) and Buzzer ports
SPRacingF3 firmware hex file
Spectrum Sat. port installed
Flash memory for Blackbox! (64Mb or 128Mb)
Built-in inverter for SBUS
easy bootloader pins
Built in Osd

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Weight 30 g

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