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DryDrone premium moisture protection and electronics waterproofing


Finally, a water resistant moisture protection developed specifically for multirotor applications!


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DryDrone is the result of extensive research to protect our valuable FPV machines from the elements. We have asked and listened. DryDrone addresses the most common concerns which are;

  1. DryDrone must prevent catastrophic failure due to moisture.
  2. DryDrone must have the ability to solder through for easy repairs.
  3. DryDrone must dissipate heat efficiently.
  4. DryDrone must be easy to apply and clean.
  5. DryDrone must be effective on all multirotor components. * not for use on brushless motors

We live in extreme weather conditions. Rain and snow can bring your drone awesomeness to a standstill. Some solutions exist, but they each have their disadvantages and really, were never made for this type of grueling abuse. If you choose to fly without being protected, you risk not only a quick end to your day but a very expensive rebuild. Not a happy scene wouldn’t you agree.

Our nano moisture protection formula has been engineered and painstakingly tested to ensure it can withstand the high processor frequencies and the extreme board currents to prevent costly catastrophic hardware failure.

  • Newest generation nanotechnology.
  • Bonds securely to all PCB substrates. (very important )
  • Extremely thin application 1um vs conformal at 25 to 50 um.
  • Can be directly soldered, easy to make repairs.
  • Does not affect heat dissipation.
  • Included application brush for ease of use.
  • No greasy or waxy residue does not attract dust and or dirt.

One 5ml bottle of DryDrone is enough to fully coat the electronics in up to 8 complete machines!!
Apply safely to

  • flight controllers
  • power distribution boards
  • ESC’s
  • VTX’s
  • Camera’s
  • and any other electronic component you use

DryDrone underwater water resistance torture test. 

Treat up to 8 complete machines per bottle with enough left over to re-treat any repaired areas. Easy to apply with no sticky residue. Use our included brush applicator to treat the entire surface (*cover barometer hole on sensor if applicable)
Dries quickly, fully cured in 24 hours.

Why not protect your investment from damaging moisture with this fall/winter season fast approaching? Protect your valuable machines with this amazing new product today!

DryDrone Application

*Although we show and test this product submerged, we do not recommend this product for use submerged. for submerged use, please contact us for details.

*Some boards, (usually PDB) now include internal protection circuitry. DryDrone WILL NOT override this internal protection. The result can be the temporary reduction of 5v supply voltage causing your FC supply voltage to be temporarily out of spec. This circumstance occurs only in extreme conditions ( underwater and not recommended ) and only with some PDB’s. the condition is temporary and is quickly resolved by tapping against a surface to dislodge the offending moisture and instantly recover the PDB 5v supply. This condition is caused by the circuitry and in no way reduces the effectiveness of DryDrone to prevent hardware failure. your hardware will not be damaged. We are working on this, but it is a hardware issue beyond our control at this time.


Additional Information
Weight 10 g
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 15 cm

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