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Easy Race Lap Timer RaceBox


Easy Race Lap Timer  RACE BOX is a full race director in a box. A must for those holding races!

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The RaceBox is the bigger brother of our PocketEditions. This box is the first available VTX time tracking / race tracking system worldwide for up to 8 pilots. The official Google Chrome App of the RaceBox is directly connected to FPV-SPORTS.IO for a smooth integration of both time tracking and race management.

Many races in Canada & Belgium got tracked in the last few months using the RaceBox and FPV-SPORTS.IO with great success.


  • track up to 8 pilots at once
  • VTX time tracking
  • 40 Channels (z.B. RaceBand, FatShark, Boscam)
  • smooth integration with FPV-SPORTS.IO via the official Google Chrome App of the RaceBox
  • LapSync MultiGP Support
  • various race modes are supported via FPV-SPORTS.IO or MultiGP, e.g. time-based or point-based qualification, Double Elemination etc.

The official RaceBox Google Chrome App is open source and can be found here. The documentation for the RaceBox protocol is also open and can be found in the readme file of the ChromeApp.


  • Connection: Serial via Mini-USB Port
  • Power: 2-4S LiPo, XT60-Connector
  • Max racers: 8
  • Accuracy: 5 – 7 ms



Additional Information
Weight 175 g
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 3 cm

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