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Controller – Mini APM 2.6 V3.1 + 6m ublox GPS and compass


We love our little MiniAPM, but be aware, this is not a noob controller. Be sure to have the knowledge necessary to setup this advanced controller.

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Standard Features:

  • Use APM firmware and ground station, no need to modify
  • No onboard compass, which makes this version ideal for use with multicopters and rovers
  • 8CH output and 8CH input Can connect to external GPS, compass, telemetry system and PM module
  • 12CH function interface
  • Included matching GPS 6m ublox

Most GPS units are not the required 30.5 mm mounting and do not align properly with the controller board. Ours has been setup and tested to be plug and play!

Recommended modifications: Reinforce cable and USB connectors with 5 min epoxy. Greatly reduce potential shock to the board during higher impact situations greatly reducing the possibility of ripping the usb or connectors from the board. You can even slightly embed the controller in the case. You should not need to directly access the board in the future after it is set up and working once. Drill and tap with 3MM the case allowing straight through mounting option using the case as a threaded nut for mounting the controller.

A case for apm is not included. Above diagram is representative only. The true 2.6 version does not have the compass ( small black square to right ) and so it is not necessary to cut JP1


Weight (FC): Approx. 7g

Weight (FC w/ Case): Approx. 14g

Dimension: 35x35mm Screw Holes (Center to Center) 30mm / M3 Full cable set is included

Additional Information
Weight 60 g

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