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Controller Scisky Brushed Micro Controller w/ Built in DSM2-DSMX Rx


The perfect brushed controller for your micro multirotor

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The awesome little all in one Scisky brushed micro controller is here! Comes loaded with cleanflight and can be updated with betaflight (use alienflight f1 target). 32bit F1 processor, 1s capability, this brushed FC has four built in ESC’s at 4.3A per FET and is ideal for brushed motors in the 6~8mm size range.  It also has a built in DSM2/DSMX compatible receiver.

ESC: Brushed 4.3A x 4 (2~32KHz 4KHz stock) 6,7,8mm motors compatible
RF: DSM2/DSMX compatible
Size: 20x33x6mm
Weight: 2.5g
Software: Baseflight, Cleanflight or Betaflight firmwares
Voltage: 1s compatable, with built in 5V DC/DC converter

Please note: do not plug battery and usb in at the same time as this will over power the unit and damage the fets. The built in rx gets power from the usb so you can do all tx calibration and trim settings while connected to cleanflight.


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Weight 25 g

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