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We post honest reviews of the good and the sometimes not so good features and benefits of the products that we carry as well as products that we have brought in for testing and may carry in the future.

Best choice racing drone flight controller … and why. (updated)

How to choose a racing drone Flight Controller What flight controller should I buy for my FPV Racing Drone? There is F1, F3, F4, F7 microcontroller based Flight Controllers and there are many many versions of each microprocessor made by many many Chinese companies. Firstly, be aware, almost ALL Flight Controllers are manufactured in China. I don’t care […]

DryDrone V2 Cobalt waterproof drone protection.

waterproof drone DryDrone V2 Cobalt drone electronics waterproofing

DryDrone V2 code named “COBALT”  better protects to ensure a waterproof drone than ever. DryDrone will protect your valuable components from catastrophic failure. Advantages Ultra thin application ( up to 3 coats ) Easy to apply No mess No toxic fumes Fast dry time no curing required Now with UV tracer Excellent in salty environments Improved corrosion […]